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Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce

Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce



Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce, 5 oz bottles

Available in Jal-up-in-yo-Tomatillo, Smokin Hot Date, Jerk My Chain, Grundle Thumper, Thai Me Up, Leche Diablesa

Jal-up-in-yo Tomatillo Hot Sauce:
Garden-fresh and green with an acidic twist that elevates all your flavors. Mild Heat Scale

Smokin' Hot Date Chipotle Hot Sauce:
Deliciously dark flavor with a slight sweetness and just the right amount of spice. Medium Heat Scale

Jerk My Chain Jerk Hot Sauce:
Tempting and exotic, a classic Caribbean jerk sauce with a medium kick. Medium Heat Scale

Grundle Thumper Habanero Hot Sauce:
Complex and tasty, packed with habenaro with a hint of garlic and chili arbol. Hot Heat Scale

Thai Me Up Thai Hot Sauce:
Distinct and exotic. Thai Me Up livens any dish with an authentic Thai Kick. Hot Heat Scale

Leche Diablesa White Hot Sauce:
Surprisingly and sumptuous with coconut, lime and a touch of chili pepper. Hot Heat Scale