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Seaside Earrings

Designer: AYALABAR


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AYALA BAR Seaside Earrings

Ayala Bar Sunny by the Seaside Earrings. Sally sells sea shells, by the sea shore…. Say that ten times fast and you have these gorgeous Sunny by the Seaside post earrings to pair with any ocean wear . I sea what you did there!!Part of the Ayala Bar Fall 2016 collection, featuring a chic new look to spice up the season. Measurements: Length: 1.6 inches. Width: 0.7 inches.

Ayala Bar jewelry is personally designed by the artist Ayala Bar, and 100% handcrafted by Ayala's dedicated team.

They ensure that every element that goes into their craft are nickel free, lead free and contains no hazardous materials.

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