Designer Spotlight- Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Designs

Ashley Schenkein has always had a tendency to question the status quo, which was the primary motivator that led her to begin her journey in jewelry design. She was working as a Spanish language medical interpreter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming when she noticed some jewelry at a local boutique. These seemingly uninspired designs were the inspiration to design a few standout creations on her own. Within a week they’d purchased Ashley’s new gemstone-filled designs and she discovered the passion that drives her creativity.

Nine months down the road Ashley left for San Francisco to perfect her craft at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. With a desire to travel she then spent a year in South America, where her fluency in Spanish was once again put to good use in Cuenca, Ecuador and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She participated in an apprenticeship and jewelry school, respectively, where she learned more jewelry – making techniques including wax casting and stone setting. Longing for family and friends, the final stop of the journey would be back to her roots in Colorado to launch Ashley Schenkein where she was surrounded by the majestic Colorado mountain landscape.

Ashley Schenkein features two collections balancing the beauty of refined details with an undeniable edginess. The use of asymmetry is evident in her creations that are both durable and timeless without compromising femininity. The Global Collection features contemporary jewelry for everyday wear inspired by Schenkein’s love for travel. Diamonds, pearls, semi-precious gemstones, leather, vermeil, gold fill and oxidized and sterling silver are the materials behind styles named for famous cities like Paris and Barcelona. The White Collection marries vintage and modern nuances with stunning designs made from diamonds, precious gemstones, gold, platinum and palladium.

Inspiration for Ashley Schenkein comes from worldly inspiration– marketplaces, architecture, museums and natural surroundings. While her travels help to define each season, it is her customers that are her biggest design inspiration.

“When a woman feels good about her appearance, she inevitably feels better about herself.” – Ashley Schenkein