About Us

Hmmm… when I think about us, my ‘US’ is amazing! Let me share with you how Susan loves William Boutique came to be, it was and is because of my better half, the love of my life, the peanut butter to my jelly and the man that is my biggest advocate, William. Better known as Bill, Will or to my mom, it was always, Billy. 


So, let me set the scene for you, we were living in Atlanta, Georgia, the year was 2014 and I was visiting Colorado, because this is where my heart always yearns to be… We knew we would be relocating back to Colorado very soon, so I was going to catch up with one of my dear friends. One of my very best besties, Amy and I were meeting for breakfast at Toast, downtown Littleton, CO. So, so good, but I digress… As I was waiting for Amy who is notoriously late, her normal being that she is coming around the corner on two wheels, hair on fire, Starbucks in hand.  As I waited for her, I wandered around the area and saw a large banner saying ‘Space for Lease’ and naturally as anyone would do, I called Bill and said, “I want to open a boutique”, and without hesitation he said, “Okay”. 


He said “Okay” and I took that opportunity, called the number on the banner and set an appointment to sign the lease, done! Now, mind you I am not a spontaneous person, but this felt right in my heart. 


I love my husband, my family, my friends, my boys, Captain and Ferguson, yes, they are dogs, but they are our babies.  AND I love my customers, they are loyal, true & genuine as they support Susan loves William Boutique. 


My mission is that every person who walks through my doors or visits the website or Facebook group know that they are PERFECT. Imperfectly perfect is the most beautiful version of oneself, and time, miles, scars and experiences make us the person we are today. Every day is a new day and we can be an even better version of ourselves. That means that you get to choose who you will be, wear what makes you feel strong and live fully! Fashion can set the stage for you and how you want to represent yourself. We are busy! We are moms, business owners, professionals, free spirits, and keepers of our lives. We will help you to find the perfect outfit to showcase you, you are who we want to see, make fashion your ‘Bitch’ everyday ladies.